Swiss Mid-Centery Teak & Brass Table Lamp by Frits Muller for Temde Leuchten, 1960s.
Swiss design


A stunnishing Danish table lamp made of teak, brass and sisal. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Temde Leuchten in the sixties by Temde in Switzerland. The sisal lampshade in combination with a E27 (US E26) light bulb creates a beautyfull warm and pleasant light. The Midcentury desk lamp features shiny brass details and high-quality workmanship. Despite it’s age it is in excellent condition.

Fritz Müller, later Fritz Müller-Temde (1889–1964), son of a furniture manufacturer from the Lipper Land, recognized early on that the electrification of everyday life that began at the beginning of the 20th Century would bring with it an increasing demand for lighting fixtures for the living area, which at that time was still largely satisfied as a commercial branch of established companies in metal or wood processing. In 1911 he founded a company in Detmold for the production of lighting fixtures under the company TEMDE (abbreviation from the name Theodor Müller, father of the company founder, and the company headquarters in Detmold[1]). In the following years,
this was to develop into one of the largest companies in Detmold.


Product Specification

Designer Frits Muller
Maker Temde Leuchten
Period 1960-1969
Origin Switzerland
Style Frits Muller
Materials Teak, brass and sisal.
Condition Good. Lightly used, with very light scratches but has no structural issues.
Dimensions Frits Muller

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